G-Day a HUGE success! 

Apr 18, 2016 — 9:30am

Dawg Nation FansG-DAY A DAWGS FAN STATEMENT: Over the last few years I was constantly vilified on air by a segment of the UGA fan base when I dared to suggest it was time for Mark Richt to go. This was not an easy thing for me to do as Coach was one of the most respected guys I have ever had the pleasure to discuss on a daily basis. I just knew that it was time. It was not meant to tear the legacy of the man down, but to discuss the facts. The wheels were off the wagon and three straight years of disappointment in the weakest SEC East in his tenure proved my point. Fast forward to Saturday afternoon and the bold realization of the Kirby Smart 93K Day dream. It was nothing short of incredible. The fact that he was bold enough to ask for it and that the fan base was enthused enough to deliver it was just amazing. It signals the start of a new era in athletes. I always accused the Richt-bots of being “afraid to be great”. Kirby obviously knows the difference between good and great. You challenge yourself, your team and your fan base. Saturday was a statement from the Dawgs fan base. Even those who were afraid of change are now embracing it. There is an energy around the program and buzz that Mark Richt never provided. Now, Kirby has a long way to go to match his lofty winning history and trails by a couple of SEC Titles. That climb begins immediately. I’ve never witnessed such a positive and confident vibe around the Georgia program. It is a glorious sight to behold. Now the winning tradition begins being built from the ground up!