So the NFL Draft if Almost… Finally… HERE!

Apr 22, 2016 — 11:20am

NFL Draft LogoAnd for the love of Pete it can’t get here fast enough.

Not only because we all get to find out who “our/your/my” team has picked..but we get to size up what all of the “others” have done as well.

That’s great. Lifeblood of your future. Talent.

What it also means is the Mock Draft can be put to bed.

For at least a couple of months. Mel…Todd and all of them can go away.

And for that reason..the day after the draft should be declared a National Holiday.

I’m not saying there isn’t an entertainment value in all of it. There is.

But that’s what it is. It’s a fictional account of a futuristic event. Some are more interesting than others.

But a list of names list of names.

Picking the TOP 10 is a 7 round mock draft is the greatest effort in nonsense that I know of.

To many variables + an inexact science = draft pick.

Here’s the good news. Everyone is in the same boat. Some do it better than others. But some also coach them up better after they get them into their building. And have a better way to practice. And a better Monday thru Saturday game plan. And do their business better on Game Day.

Talent wins? Sure helps. Best place to start actually.

But here’s what I really want.

I want a room full of guys who WANT to play. Who want to be embarrass you and your entire family. Who realize that as a player in this league you are owed nothing. Not a win. Not a championship. Not your health. But you still want to take 16 cracks at being better than anyone they line up against you.

I’d like to say I also want a coaching staff who approaches their jobs that way.

There are physical misses in the draft. It’s the mental ones that will bite you harder.

Its why Mock Drafts are two dimensional. A list. Simply a bunch of names.

Be happy if you like what you read. But know that even you and I as fans are owed nothing either.

Cross your fingers and lets get to camp. And hope for the best.