So we had falcons coach Dan Quinn on the program this morning.  While he was his usual upbeat self, I also think he was more honest and transparent than he usually is.
The front office can talk about who has the final say and collaboration all they want, but starting with Neal, these were guys hand picked by Quinn, who said “it’s up to them” as to wether some of these rookies will need more time to develop.

Quinn also said that he has no fear of playing younger guys, and agreed with the assessment that new OLB Vic Beasley will be the key to the teams pass rush.

Year two is when we’re supposed to see marked growth.  Will it happen with the Falcons?  With the leagues toughest schedule, it’s going to be a challenge.  A challenge Quinn won’t shy away from.   That being said, if the challenge isn’t met, Quinn goes from s beautiful mind to JAC (not “jacked”).  Just another coach…on the hot seat.