During the NFL draft, Gatorade rolled out their new ad campaign.  It’s called #DearPeyton.  It’s on our 680thefan.com site, check it out….

Cliff Note version….

Peyton Manning has been writing thank you notes to people in his life his entire life.

He has personalized stationery.

He has beautiful handwriting.

He has manners.

I remember my sweet Aunt Esther sending me a Christmas gift when I was 5 years old.

My mom made me write a thank you note to her.  I say ‘made’ because, well I was five.

Each year after that, there was a bit of a ceremony to pen my appreciation.  My mom would sit beside me while I wrote the note, she would ask me questions about the item. Why do you like it? How will you use it? And then I would tell my Aunt Esther.

I would actually look forward to writing the note of thanks.

Back to Peyton.

The thank you letters went to all shapes and sizes, and most we won’t ever know .  But the commercial features some we do.

There’s David Cutcliffe and his brother Eli.

There’s Derek Jeter and Jeff Saturday.

There’s dad, Archie, and Tony Dungy.

There’s a frail looking Chris Mortensen.

That last one really got me.  Peyton Manning sent Chris Mortensen, who is very sick with Cancer, a note of thanks and encouragement.

It really inspired me.

For alot of reasons.

So, I hope you watch it and maybe the #DearPeyton will inspire you.

Saying thank you and being grateful feels good.

so  #DearGatorade, Thank you.