Falcons will face Brees for at least a few more years!!

Bill Haber (Associated Press)

Looks like Brees is taking a hometown discount! Per ESPN’s Ed Werder noted that while Brees’ extension is for five years, it automatically voids to two in which he’ll be owed $44.25 million in guaranteed money. Maybe he saw that if he took $25 million the Saints couldn’t sign anybody else to protect his ass! It looks like a Perfect deal for each involved. So now if he A, gets hurt badly or B, shows his age, he doesn’t have to be there anymore. The Saints though now are officially on the clock to get another quarterback. And if he can still play after two years then they can sign him again for another year. It looks like a nice situation for both parties and especially for the Saints who have a HOF QB for a few more years. Oh yeah, and they just released last years 3rd round pick Garrett Grayson who apparently wasn’t the heir apparent. So the question is who will be the next QB in New Orleans??