Hockey Coach John Tortorella: “I’m not backing off.”

Columbus- U.S. – World Cup of Hockey coach John Tortorella said he has heard from “a number” of people regarding his Tuesday vow to bench any player who doesn’t stand for the National Anthem and he hasn’t changed his mind. “I’m not backing off – I’ll tell you right now.”

John Tortorella (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Darryl Dyck)

Tortorella said some players have talked to him about the benching comment. Some wondering why he felt the need to be such a bully, tough guy?

According to one player, who refused to be named for fear of repercussions said (using a hockey player accent) “Look, we respect coach’s stance and couldn’t agree more!” “Frankly, we had no intention of disrespecting the flag. We having nothing to protest.” Another player, who also refused to be named said “We’re just a bunch of rich white guys being paid handsomely to do what we love to do. I’ve never been hassled by the police. I’ve never even been pulled over.”
“Growing up white in America, life is good, why would we wanna screw that up?”

Colin Kaepernick could not be reached for comment.