Liberals, Capitalism, and a Corvette

100% All- American Sports Car” or “Symbol of Capitalist Decadence”? You make the call.

ATLANTA – Today, the Talkmaster points out the irony of liberals’ hatred towards capitalism and of people spending their money on luxury items leftists feel are “unnecessary” or “excessive”. In this instance, what was the object of the leftist’s ire?

A Chevrolet Corvette owned by a man named Tom Nicholson. Nothing more.

What in the world could be so offensive to this leftist about the 100%, Apple Pie, King of American Sports Cars? Boortz will break down Tom Nicholson’s epic response to the outraged lefty and illustrate the ridiculousness of the left’s hatred of capitalism. Hit play and hit the gas for this high-octane episode of “The Boortz Report”!