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Here is what some of Atlanta’s Leading Businesses are saying about 680 the Fan:


“As a small business owner, I have come to the realization that if the
phone doesn’t work, neither do we. Prospective clients are the life blood
of our business. The very top of the inverted funnel. No other Atlanta
media outlet has given us anywhere close to the amount of good quality
leads that 680 The Fan has produced. They plain and simple get the
phone to ring.”
– Frank Duffy, Owner and Marketing Director Duffy Realty of Atlanta

“680 The Fan is focused on making the relationship personal and
making our investment more than worthwhile with creative ideas that
ive us an edge in the competitive market place. We are proud to be
associated with such a fine partner and look forward to growing this
relationship further.“
– Mark Kauffman, CEO of Kauffman Tire

GA own credit union
“Partnering with 680 The Fan has been a great business decision
for Georgia’s Own Credit Union. For close to a decade, 680 The
Fan has been instrumental in providing expert advice to our
organization, as well as result driven advertising that has had a
significant impact on our ability to increase market share. Like our
organization, 680 The Fan is squarely focused on producing
quality results, and Georgia’s Own has come to view 680 The Fan
staff as a valuable extension of our own team.”
– Dave Preter, CEO Georgia’s Own Credit Union

My name is Colan Wheat and I’m the VP of Sales at 680 the Fan, 1230 the Fan 2 (ESPN Radio), and 1340 the Fan 3. Contact me today so that we can help you grow your market share and mind share throughout Atlanta.

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