Recruiting Gone Crazy!

Jan 13, 2016 — 9:31am

Keep calm recruitingSandra Golden did her usual daily 2-a-days report the other day and told a story about a 15 year old receiving a scholarship, just made me shake my head. I made a note when I heard her mention it. My son Keenan is 14 and will grow another foot or more by the time he is 21, I couldn’t imagine him being looked at by colleges at this point in his young innocent life. Although it would be very flattering, it would mean very little for Keenan’s mother and I, so much can happen between now and 4 years of high school. Crazy times in CFB man!! Why even waste their time offering a scholarship, so much can happen between now and 4 years!! It truly does blow my mind, but so does the attitude and mindset of young football players and parents these days and how they view their children. Sports should be fun, then sports should keep you in shape, then sports should help you learn team work, discipline, dedication and perseverance, then in High School it should do all those things and give you the opportunity to go get a great, free education and a major college or university, then just maybe (less than a % of where we started back in 8th grade) you will get a chance to play a professional sport…but it’s not likely. I hope these young athletes keep everything in perspective and stay grounded, must be hard to do with all these scholarship offers rolling in!! Good luck!

Here is the story: