The funniest damn program that’s afraid of nothing. Except grizzly bears and fireflies!


Kim Peterson has been presence in Atlanta Radio for decades! Owing to the longevity of his broadcasting career, here are the Cliff’s Notes of his accomplishments and honors:

The Kimmer earned a B.S. in Communications from Arizona State University 1971 and was on the honor roll. From there, Kim earned a Master of Arts Michigan State University 1972, and taught a class as a grad assistant.

He was also awarded the National Association of Broadcasters scholarship.

USMC 1966-1969
Parris Island, Camp Lejeune, Camp Pendleton, Vietnam
Honorable discharge rank Sgt E-5.

While Kim was a part time radio DJ and news reader in college, his career didn’t start in earnest until he arrived at WSB in 1972. There, he broadcast the morning news and interviewed notables like President Jimmy Carter.

Kim has also worked radio in New Orleans, became an anchorman on WDSU TV, was an anchorman-reporter for WLS TV in Chicago for couple years, then moved to KRON TV in San Francisco. Realizing the west coast wasn’t the place to be, Kimmer returned to WSB radio in the ‘80’s as morning team member with Skinny Bobby Harper, and then his own afternoon show shortly thereafter.

Cumulus radio across town called later and Kim made the jump to WYAY. He hosted a talk show for a number of years before
he moved to podcasting.

Kim’s now back on the air daily on XTRA 1067.3FM starting June 5th!

Born a proud American in the wilds of Mississippi, authorities forced Pete to move every year as a youth.  Pre-kindergarten in the Ozarks, kindergarten in Savannah, 1st grade in Washington D.C., 2nd grade in Huntsville, Alabama, and 3rd grade in Decatur.

He matriculated at Columbia Elementary then Southwest Dekalb High School until traded to Parkview as a rising junior. Georgia State was begun, stopped, begun again, stopped again, and put aside to move to California, where he studied surfing and Mexican beer drinking at San Diego City College while auditing classes at San Diego State.

Watching “The Natural” one night he decided he wanted to direct. Returning to GSU to finish undergraduate studies before moving back to L.A. to attend film school, he happened one day to walk by the WRAS-FM studio where he watched the news and sports anchors. Finding that interesting, he wandered in and 36 years later so much for that movie career, although if he had known the film industry would follow him back to Atlanta things might have been different.

This led to 17 years at WGST-AM where he met former tv weatherman Kim Peterson. After several years of award-winning and stellar radio, they were asked to leave for being too successful. Pete turned to 7 years of writing novels and plays, one book becoming an Amazon bestseller. Still waiting for one of the plays to be performed. In 2013 he returned to radio in Atlanta for six very successful years before once again being asked to leave the business due to setting the radio bar too high. Not through running his mouth he turned to podcasting, both with “Holy Crap It’s Sports” then with “The Kimmer Show” for 3 years.

After most of his life in Atlanta, Pete finally wised up and moved to the mountains next to a trout stream. One month later radio called once again. Actually, it was the Kimmer calling. So here we are. Tanned, rested, and ready to once again splatter the Atlanta airwaves like crazed lab monkeys.