See Ya At the Ted!

Mar 21, 2016 — 6:37pm

 allergiesSpringtime in Atlanta…Ahhhhhhchoooo!
Anyone else dealing with allergies? I swear , as I’ve gotten older, it’s worse.
This Florida girl never had allergy problems, the humidity in the great sunshine state takes care of that.
Two weeks from today is Braves Baseball.
I’m heading to Spring Training with the Front Row next Monday, can’t wait, because we get to see more of the real lineup for the games….
“the farm system is said to be good , while the MLB team appears improved…”
” they will do no better than 4th in their division”
“they’re better offensively at all positions, the rotation is the problem”
Those quotes are from various “experts” when talking about the Houston Astros in 2015.  Houston ended up winning 86 games, and grabbed the wildcard in the AL West…. They lost to the eventual World Series champs in the Divison Series in 5 games.
The NATS were supposed to run away with the NL East.
They didn’t
The Nats were picked to win the World Series by the experts at the four letter network.
They didn’t
The Red Sox were predicted to win the AL East.
They didn’t.
You get my point.
Vegas says the Braves will win 65 games.
They won 67 last year.
I’ll take the over.
I don’t know what the Braves will do.
And guess what else.
Neither do you.
Or anyone else making these predictions.
I know I’ll be at Turner Field enjoying many a Holman & Finch burger, and hopefully some dippin dots. { I do love the dd!}
Hope Jeff Francoeur makes the team.
Hope Jason Grilli is back healthy and better than ever.
Hope Freddie keeps on huggin’.
Hope Dansby Swanson’s hair gets a twitter account.
It’s Spring and it’s Braves Baseball!
It’s alllllll good.