Take Brooms To Boston

Apr 21, 2016 — 11:32pm

Celtics SweptIf the Hawks want to get closer to being an elite team in the NBA a sweep of the Boston Celtics would be a step in the right direction. The Hawks are the superior team, better coached and the more seasoned squad. One of the best Boston players Avery Bradley is likely out for the series and the Hawks have the better point guard in Jeff Teague.

Sweep these guys!

No need to allow this series to go six or God forbid seven games when the Hawks are able to get any shot from the perimeter and are playing better defense in the series.  The Hawks have deep playoff experience from the Eastern Conference Finals last season and need to use it.

This should not even be close. Forget the history and the magic of leprechauns in Boston … beat these guys and get ready for the Cavaliers.

Dennis Schröder is out – no problem! Put in Kirk Hinrich and let him shoot. Kent Bazemore is a bit banged up – so what? His energy can help get rebounds and transition buckets even if he can’t score.

The backcourt is better, the coach is better, the bench is better … the Hawks are better! Beat Boston and move on.

…And there it is.