Things I’d LIKE to Happen This Year

Jan 25, 2016 — 10:56am

fortune tellerI thought about making a list of predictions for 2016. Then I thought it might be a little more enjoyable to make a list of things I’d LIKE to happen this year.

I’ll avoid the “I want to see the local teams all win Championships and MVPs and the blah blah blah..” stuff.

In no particular order because I’m just going to start typing and see what ends up on this page..

1. I know he’s having a hard time walking right now..but I’d like to see Tiger Woods 2 shots back with 9 to play on Sunday at a Major.

2. Michael Phelps take his best shot..faults and greatness all rolled becoming as good or better than ANYONE at doing something in the history of sport.

3.  The Cubs in the World Series. Truth be told..I’d like to see the Cubs WIN the World Series.

4.  Learn what a “Catch” is in the NFL.

5.  Fewer stories of jagoff adults screwing up kids or their sporting events because of their own frustrations.

6.  Serena gets to the U.S Open with 3 Majors in her back pocket and takes a shot at that thing that goes just a step beyond greatness.

7.  Boxing matters again. Or at least let 7 people in America know who the/a Heavyweight Champ is.

8. My daughters take a great interest in Katie Ledecky at the 2016 Summer Olympics. Not to falsely have them believe greatness is “easy”..but just the opposite.

9. Sylvester Stallone wins the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. (Told you this was stream of consciousness)

10. Part of me..just part..wants to see Roger Goodell have to hand the Lombardi Trophy to Robert Kraft. With Bill and Tom right there on the stage. (After this vomit taste gets out of my mouth I’m going to pretend I never typed that)

11. Really I’d like to see the Super Bowl MVP Trophy handed to Thomas Davis. Or Larry Fitzgerald. (I should say Peyton here as well..but my fingers aren’t typing that)

12. Roger Federer wins at LEAST one more Major. If its only one..I want it to be the U.S. Open.

13. The NCAA goes an entire year without doing something so fundamentally stupid when it comes to handling a simple “right or wrong” issue that I have to say the NCAA went an entire year without doing something so fundamentally stupid when it comes to handling a simple “right or wrong” issue

14. We get the following announcements

14A. The Final Heisman vote will not take place until EVERY game is played..including the National Championship Game.

14B.  Floyd Mayweather will fight Genaddy Golovkin to try to take his record to 50-0. It would break every pay per view record..and win or lose..Floyd will be able to say he went out like you’re supposed to after claiming to be the “Best Ever”

14C. Steve Perry and Journey will go round one more time together

14D. The idiocy of two versions of baseball in the Majors comes to an end. Just have the DH. Or don’t. I don’t care. I DO care that there is nothing as ridiculous as this in any sport.

14E. They let a fan..a real fan..onto the CFB Playoff selection Committee. My Lord..have you seen this list of 13? Two words come to mind. Un. Inspiring. At the very least..if they don’t want yours or mine unwashed mass in the room..put a camera in there and prove to us you’re doing more than what WE do on the air or in a bar with a few buddies. (They don’t btw)

15. I get that interview with Sandy Koufax.