Things Floating Around My Head…

Jan 13, 2016 — 9:37am

thinking_descartes_thumbSome things floating around my head when I am not dreaming about the prime rib sandwich at Houston’s.

-The Braves will be fun, play their butt off, be unbelievably rootable but probably lose a ton of baseball games.  Take heart though folks that last Shelby Miller trade insures that the future is indeed bright.

-I am starting to think I was wrong about the future superstardom of Dennis Schroder.  The young man does not understand what it is to be focused and play hard and be unselfish on a nightly basis.

-“The Big Short” is my favorite movie of Awards season although have not see the bear eating Leonardo DiCaprio flick yet.

-I could not be rooting harder for Brian Gregory to get over the hump this year at Tech and thanks to his big guys and 3 point specialist transfer Adam Scott  it is going to happen.

-When you get the perfect Onion Soup Au Gratin on a cold winter day you have indeed reached nirvana, Bone’s and Bistro Niko are my fav.

-I think Al Horford may be playing ball in LA next year.

-Why would anyone sit through 20 below temperatures to sit and watch the NFL outside when it’s the best TV show in history?

-Watch a rerun of “One Day at a Time” or “Welcome Back Kotter” from the 70’s and tell me that is not horrendously unfunny TV.

-Julian Edelman is a serious bad ass plain and simple.

-There is no one that teaches me more about football than Chris Colinsworth on Sunday Nite Football.

-Devonta Freeman makes me smile every game I watch him play.

-I am seriously considering just sucking it up and committing binge watching “Game of Thrones” although I know it will not be good for my marriage or my family life.

-There is no finer culinary fare on the planet than the fried chicken and biscuits at “Popeyes”.