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I could not agree with you more about the young guys (Ruiz, Albeis, Swanson).

First, it makes sense to me, they should already be playing together and learning how to play together.

But more importantly, if we are filled with a roster of players who cannot get the job done and cannot get any better, then put young guys up there who may struggle, but they at least will be getting better.

The thing with teams who have gone through this process in the past (Astros, Mets, Royals) is they seem to live and die by the young players, so that’s what I want to see from the Braves.

Good stuff.


Dear Chad,
That is certainly one way to do it. The other thing that folks have to realize is that “re-tooling” or “rebuilding” a team is not an overnight process. These are typically, well thought out, long term plans that require a lot of patience from everybody. We all want instant gratification. “Teams not winning? Fix it, NOW” Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Remember, the Kansas City Royals “5 year plan,” ending up taking almost 10 years.

Firstly, let me thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the tickets. Sorry I haven’t been contributing much, but I go through these minor spells of depression/anxiety (genetic – thanks Mom) who seem to take away my muse

This morning I would have said I wanted Jessica in my basement and Jessica Alba’s bust, but I digress. Anyway here is what I wrote to my friends on the concert

1. My first time at Verizon – an open air venue with the great majority of seats covered by a roof, although the weather was perfect so that was irrelevant. Holds 12,000 people. Parking going in was a nightmare – I cannot imagine what the scramble to get out was like – I would bet 2 hours to clear all the cars – more on that later

2. No lead off act whatsoever. Show actually started a minute early at 7:59.

3. Van must have mellowed. The crowd was a typical large venue Atlanta crowd – very noisy. In the old days he probably would have walked off stage

4. His voice was absolutely magnificent. As one of the leading experts on Van the Man, I thought he sounded as good as he did in 1980 when I saw him at the Capri. I just can’t tell you how little drop off there was for a guy of 70.

5 He only played 90 minutes total. I did not want to get caught up in the traffic, so Patrice and I left at 9:15 thinking we would must a bunch of good stuff. Not so fast my friend. I checked the set list today and we missed half of one of his lesser known blues songs and then Gloria. That was it. Here is the set list:

Celtic Swing
Close Enough for Jazz
By His Grace
Someone Like You
Sometimes We Cry
Real Real Gone
Baby, Please Dont Go/Dont Start Crying Now
Georgia on My Mind
Wild Night
Days Like This
Precious Time
I Cant Stop Loving You
Brown-Eyed Girl
Crazy Love
Whenever God Shines His Light
In the Garden
Jackie Wilson Said
Think Twice Before You Go

6. Patrice’s favorite is Into the Mystic and my favorite is of course Tupelo Honey. So we felt great about only missing Gloria. The highlight of the night was his soulful rendition of Georgia.

7. He did not say one single word to the audience between songs.

8. I doubt I will ever go back to Verizon. Jerks and alcohol do not make for a very enjoyable listening experience.

9. The tickets were free, courtesy of 680 the fan, he sounded great and we got out before the melee. so all in all I’d give it about an 8.5 because I saw my favorite artist in the history of music one last time.

Gary Hosmer

Dear Gary,
I really like the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. I think it’s a beautiful facility in a lovely part of town. Any time you pack that many people into a venue traffic is going to be an issue. Verizon has actually done a very good job of giving patrons a number of routes in and out of the facility. So, you’re complaining about a “free concert” that you kind of enjoyed? OK, love ya anyway