Most glaring need was ignored, DE not addressed. This team may very well be the worst at sacking the QB again this year!

Speed speed and more speed is what the Falcons wanted and they got it. Hopefully these guys can play at this level and run fast too! CT(Competitive Toughness) that is what they were looking for and dr2016NFLDraftlogoafting, according to what they said after the weekend. Everything is a phrase or a gimmick with these guys TD and DQ and Blank, they can’t just go out and coach, draft or own a team without nonsensical bs!!

I like their draft for the most part, no pass rush is a head scratcher but maybe Clayborn, Shelby,Upshaw, Reed, Beasley and company can get it done themselves? I don’t see any way they do, but maybe….over under on sacks next year? 25?

Neal- hitter, explosive and quick -hope he stays healthy
Jones- speed and good football instincts, recognizes plays and reacts, Plays his assignment. needs 10 lbs of muscle
Hooper- raw talent, nice size and big hands, hopefully we got a good one. Much better than Toilolo i hope
Campbell- Leonard Floyd type, long and lean, needs muscle and weight but good looking athlete
Schweitzer- San Jose St, not even on some draft analyst database, big strong guard that played Tackle in college, high school wrestler too

Fuller- 5th WR, speed!! new return man, cut Hester? Coach Armstrong doesn’t like rookie returners, will be interesting.

Blank wanted 3 starters from this draft, I’m not sure he going to get it.