The Front Row Knows

Steak Tips for May 2nd, 2016

I just don’t believe Shelby Miller is ever going to be a pitcher the Braves regret losing….doesn’t hurt either that Dansby Swanson is lighting up the minors….

“The Jungle Book” is Hollywood filmmaking at its best. Jon Favreau (yeah the Vince Vaughn buddy from “Swingers”) is simply becoming a giant producing and directing big time flicks.

CC-ellie-krieger_chicken-parmesan-recipe_s4x3Jeff Teague can beat anyone off the dribble at any time, does he fully realize that?

Freddie Freeman needs to be able to hit at least twenty homers every year but once again will fall short.

There is no finer sub sandwich on the planet than a perfectly prepared Chicken Parmigiana.

Clay Thompson may be one of the most under-rated players in NBA history.

When I walk into a dirty bathroom at any establishment where they serve food or drink I immediately think less of the food I am about to be served.

I think if you are a Georgia football player and you make Kirby Smart mad at you, your life will be hell for awhile.

Tennessee is not going to win the SEC East, put that to bed already. Dawgs or Gators will play in the Dome.

I love Jim Nantz on the Masters and think he does a really nice job on the Final Four as well.

If someone asks me to go to an Adam Sandler movie there is a 94% chance I will say No.

I have almost never heard anyone who has played for Kyle Shanahan say anything positive about his personality.

Atlanta United is not going to be a small success, it is going to the be the talk of the MLS world, HUGE!

There are so many question marks about the Josh Pastner hire, I am really not sure where to begin.

A good turkey chili in the fridge can really make life easier.