The Confidential for Tuesday May 3rd

Here’s something I can’t picture my Mom saying

NY Daily News

Protective mothers don’t stop being protective mothers once their sons become millionaire NFL players.

Their sense of wanting to look out for their children might increase, actually.

This seems to be the case for the mother of Ohio St CB Eli Apple.

His mom sent out the following message to the “thirsty girls” sliding into their sons’ DMs on Twitter.

This is a mom you do not want to mess with. Annie Apple ‎@SurvivinAmerica

Praying for all the thirsty girls sliding in new NFL rookies DMs with heavy booty & cleavage action pics. Only Jesus can quench your thirst.

Report: Peyton Manning told TV networks he’s not interested


Despite reports that Peyton Manning would go from the field to the broadcast booth, he has reportedly said “no thanks” to offers to work in television.

The New York Daily News reports that Manning’s representatives have told the NFL’s TV partners that he will not take a broadcasting job this season.

There’s been much speculation that Manning would look for a job in television, and he reportedly talked to John Madden about getting started in the business. CBS was thought to be particularly interested, perhaps interested enough to put Manning in the booth with Jim Nantz as the network’s top broadcasting team.

Dana Stubblefield faces rape allegation

Former NFL defensive lineman Dana Stubblefield faces rape charges in California.

According to Jason Green of Bay Area News Group, the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office formally accused Stubblefield, 45, of raping a “developmentally delayed” female.

“This was a crime of violence against a vulnerable victim,” Deputy District Attorney Tim McInerny said in a statement. “She was looking for a job and she was unconscionably assaulted.”

Stubblefield allegedly contacted the woman through an online service under the guise of looking for a nanny. He allegedly interviewed her on April 9, 2015, she left, and she soon received a text message from Stubblefield indicating he wanted to pay her for her time.

At that point, she allegedly returned to the house, where Stubblefield allegedly picked her up, carried her to a room, and raped her. He then allegedly gave her $80 and let her leave.

The alleged victim went directly to a police station and said she’d been raped by a man named Dana. Stubblefield’s DNA allegedly matched DNA obtained from the victim.

Stubblefield is accused of five felony counts and faces, according to prosecutors, a substantial prison sentence if convicted.

Softball team loses title due to premature celebration

There’s painful losses, there’s excruciating losses, there’s this-is-the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it losses, and then there’s what happened to the softball team from Wylie High School in Texas.

Wylie was leading McKinney North 6-4 in the bottom of the final inning with two outs and the bases loaded.

After a ground ball up the middle, Wylie tried to get the force out at second base and immediately began celebrating. However, the runner was *not* called out and three McKinney North runs came in to score while Wylie was prematurely celebrating their victory that actually wasn’t.

Justin Verlander, Kate Upton are engaged


Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are finally going to be tying the knot after a few years of dating.

Upton and Verlander got engaged recently, and the supermodel showed off her diamond engagement ring at the 2016 Met Gala in New York City on Monday night.

She also confirmed the engagement in a statement.

“I’m really excited, he asked me right before season started so we’ve been keeping it on the down low for quite a while,” she told E! News exclusively. “So I’m excited to finally be able to share it with the world!”

Upton and Verlander have been dating since 2012 after meeting on the set of an MLB2K12 commercial shoot. Upton was deliberately coy about matters and said in 2013 that she did not have a boyfriend, which was during a time they had briefly split. However, they later got back together and have really been going strong since early 2014, with the two even enduring a nude photo scandal.

One report last year said that Verlander proposed to Upton multiple times but was rebuffed. Perhaps Upton, 23, did not yet feel ready for marriage. Apparently that has changed.


Louisiana English teachers had a 3some with 16 year old student

A Louisiana High School teacheSt-Charles-Parish-school-lawsuit1r Shelley Dufresne moved in fast. From the first day of the 2014-15 academic year, she targeted a 16-year-old boy in her English class, flirting with him every day. When he got sick and had to stay home, she contacted him on social media, “ostensibly to determine if he was feeling better” but in reality to establish a “close personal and emotional relationship with her student.”

Soon, she was sleeping with the student, more than 40 times in 36 days.

Those are among the new allegations in a previously unreported lawsuit filed by the student and his parents against Dufresne, fellow teacher Rachel Respess and the St. Charles Parish public school system. Filed Aug. 11 and amended Feb. 25, the suit is pending in 29th Judicial District Court.

Victim suing school system for damages, saying problems go back years

In the related criminal case, Dufresne has admitted having sex with the student. Police said it happened at a home in Montz, where Dufresne, a married mother of three, lived.

Dufresne also is charged in a pending criminal case in Jefferson Parish, for having sex with the student at Respess’ apartment in Kenner. Respess is charged with failing to report the crime. Both have pleaded not guilty.

The lawsuit adds details — unproven — to the criminal cases. It says Dufresne treated the boy as her favorite in class, “encouraging (him) to believe that responding to Ms. Dufresne’s attention and advances would impact his grade.” To cement the relationship, she offered to take him home from football practices and games.

Only two or three weeks into the term, the suit says, Dufresne kissed the student in her classroom during school hours. They began having sex Aug. 22, 2014, continuing through Sept. 27, more than 40 times in all.

Respess had learned of the improper relationship but did not report it to the authorities or try to protect the victim, the suit says. Instead, she offered up her Kenner apartment for sex after a football game, eventually joining in the act, according to the suit.

Police say the teachers engaged in group sex with the student at Respess’ apartment on Sept. 12. Although police booked Respess with a sex crime, prosecutors did not file one against her.

Both teachers were arrested in October 2014. After the crimes became public, the suit says, Dufresne “made disparaging comments about (the victim) to third parties on social media causing him embarrassment and humiliation.”

LeBron James Starring In ‘Space Jam 2’ … Bring On the MonStars!


Breaking News -TMZ

The rumors have been swirling for years, but now it’s apparently happening … “Space Jam 2” is in the works — starring LeBron James.

Producers of the long-awaited sequel to the 1996 partially-animated classic are already in talks with Justin Lin — of “Fast and Furious 6” fame to direct … according to Variety.

The original “Space Jam” — starring Michael Jordan — shot to #1 when it opened back in the day and went on to become the highest grossing basketball movie ever (at that time) making $230 MILLION worldwide.

No word on when the flick is expected to hit theaters.