Fan Poll. Fredi’s Fault?

Braves discussing whether to fire Fredi Gonzalez, eye Bud Black. Is it Fredi’s fault?


Braves discussing whether to fire Fredi Gonzalez, eye Bud Black

The undermanned Braves have struggled mightily in 2016, and move into a new park in 2017.


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7Mike Holland, John Lowman and 5 others

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Chuck Webb Trade all of the talent away and blame the manager game

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Vahid Vahedi On the toughest month ever.

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Shannon Fain sorry, I only follow Atlanta sports teams

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Steve Autry Fire a manager and hire one with a worse winning percentage. Makes sense to me..not.

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Kevin Smith The manager led us to multiple late season collapses in seasons where he did have talent on the rosters. It’s past time for him to be gone

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Todd Pendley · Friends with Steve Autry and 9 others

Get rid of an entire team and blame it on the field manager. Upper level needs to be gone. But, that’s corporate baseball. Keep looking at the player salary numbers and keep getting hammered. You idiots

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Marty Germane Bud Black is not the answer and firing Fredi isn’t either…not his fault we have the worst roster in baseball but to take the pressure off the front office for a few weeks I see them firing Fredi after the shutout loss to the Mets today…good luck Fredi !

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Stacey Alicia · 2 mutual friends

It seems someone farther up the ladder needs to go.

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Scott Harper To me an undermanned team shows the true ability of a manager. When your loaded with talent, filling out the lineup card and keeping egos in check is half the job. Fredi has had talent and they under performed, now he has sub par talent playing below even that. The problem with the Braves right now is the fan base not being demanding enough and mostly willing to accept whatever the outcome is. How long would Fredi have lasted in NY, Boston, LA or St Louis ? I’m a Braves fan, always will be but I’m not a Fredi fan

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Chip Townsend I can’t wait to see new concrete and grass
Season tickets anyone?

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Barry Morrow · Friends with Tom Andre and 1 other

lame duck

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Steve Nolen Never expected him to fill Bobby Cox’s shoes, but it really isn’t his fault. You can’t trade off all your best players and rely on the future. U can build the future, while keeping some of your seasoned players. They have no hitting and pitching below par as well

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Randy Bennett Go ahead give chipper a little n the job training in managing. .

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Keith B Sanders Lmbo , yea lets get Hank Aaron to be hitting coach , Greg Maddux to be pitching coach and Chipper to be Head coach ….

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Randy Bennett yea can’t hurt nothing

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Keith B Sanders Chipper doesn’t want anything to do with head coach and I was joking…..

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Randy Bennett it was a fun thought

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Keith B Sanders We should have gotten Ned Yost, when we had the chance

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Randy Bennett yea for really