Kincade’s Random Thoughts…

These are the things on my mind in no particular order…

The Hawks season ended in disappointment. Another sweep at the hands of the Cavaliers. Fans feeling frustrated. Cue Kyle Korver to make all of the fans feel OK after the defeat.

korverKyle tells us that it’s better to be the Hawks than a lot of other teams. There are a lot of teams sitting home that would love to have the chance to get swept. Seriously? That’s not the fire and passion we need to get this franchise into the winners circle.

Truth? Atlanta won 20% less games in the regular season. Facts? They went from a top seed to a 4th seed. Realization? They are not ready for prime time.

Thanks Al Horford, but it is time to part ways. Jeff Teague has already sold his penthouse. The Hawks need a makeover, but not a wrecking ball. Makes you wish Danny Ferry was back making the decisions. The “Community Leaders” created this decline.


FrediThe media has chosen to make Fredi Gonzalez the scapegoat for the horrible start of 2016. Fact is, they were set up for failure. Surprisingly, the Braves have not taken the easy way out by firing Gonzalez. I applaud them for it.

Fredi was not the problem with this 2016 squad. I am not going to argue the job he did in 2014 and 2015 because they brought him back. If you don’t like that decision, blame the Sunshine Boys. Also, spare me the “this is Coppy’s mess” diatribe. We all know the power brokers won’t step aside and toss him full control.

We are in Atlanta, where the 2 full time GM’s don’t have the power to do their jobs and the other is too busy coaching to devote the time to his GM duties.

The NFL appears ready to become the first pro sports league to call Vegas home. The NFL is getting over their fear and the Raiders want to build a shiny new dome right behind the NFL-VEGASMGM Grand. They also are feeling pressure to be the first team in town. The NBA and NHL have stalked Vegas for a while but got scared away be gambling concerns.

Can you imagine road team fans flooding the hotels, casinos, bars and restaurants to see them play. Vegas has 2M residents, more than enough to build a fan base.

It’s time to set fear aside. I would love to go see a Las Vegas Raiders game!


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