I Hope Fredi Is Relieved

I hope he’s relieved….

I watched the Braves lose to the Pirates last night 8-5.  Several cutaways from Fox Sports South showed Fredi Gonzalez sitting by himself, arms crossed, and looking miserable.

Fredi Gonzalez AP
Photo: David Goldman AP

Heck, I am miserable on my couch , can you imagine how he feels?

Not just one shot of Fredi… Many throughout the night.

He was defeated.

We received the news this morning that Fredi had been fired.  I’m sad to say , I knew it was coming. Fredi knew it was coming, and I won’t be suprised to learn that he knew last night, before that game.

This debacle is not Fredi’s fault.  He was a dead man walking.

You can bring in Joe Madden or Joe Torre, they’re not turning around this team.

So a good man…

Fredi Gonzalez gets fired.

I met Fredi in 2003 when he was the third base coach for the Braves.  Always a gentleman.  Always great with the media.  Always respectful.  Players really liked him.

I was thrilled when he was named the manager of the Marlins in 2006.  Remember he replaced Joe Girardi, who was fired.

Fredi had great success in south Florida.   In 2008, he was named the 2008 Sporting News Manager of the Year.

The Marlins pulled a “Marlins” and fired Fredi in 2010.

It wasn’t his fault then…. it isn’t his fault now.

Brian Snitker is a terrific man.

He’s great friends with Fredi.

the Braves owed him a “make do”, after demoting him after the 2013 season, so for that, I’m glad.

And Fredi will be just fine.  He’ll land another managerial job in the majors. You watch.

He’s great dad.

He’s a friend.

I’m relieved that he doesn’t have to live this losing season every day like I do.

I know, I know… I continue to watch this train wreck! I can’t look away.

I hope Fredi can.

– Sandra Golden