Atlanta: Currently NO Better Place To Live!

Photo: AP

There might be better places to live than Atlanta. I’m open to anyone’s pitch to tell me which city is better!

But you better have a Hell of a list!

Because here in The ATL, I know I have..
1) Weather.
2) Cost of Living.
3) Great place to raise kids. (Schools. Sports leagues.)
4) Three Major sports franchises.
5) College Football all around me.
6) Weather. (Yup. Twice).
7) Entertainment venues.
8) Bars.
9) Food.
10) Parks.
11) Driving distance to some of the best beaches in America.
12) And to the mountains.
13) And lakes.
And now the added bonus of the BIGGEST events in all of sports coming to my town.
College Football Playoffs?
Super Bowl?
You might not like the stadium deals.
You might not like where the stadiums are.
You might not like a whole bunch of things.
Fair enough. Your call.
But I know of next to NO downside of having a chance to host these events..and the ancillary business and money that could make its way to the city after the fact.
I loved being in an Olympic Host City. I saw things that less than 1% of 1% of the world has gotten to see in person.
Ticket cost? Ridiculously high.
But if done right..some of the “stuff” surrounding the actual game could be a blast.
It’s communal. In a good way.
I’d like my local teams to be playing IN these games more than hosting..but I can’t control that.
Today I’m happy for the people who helped get these events. There was/is a price to pay.
Now i put my trust in a lot of people to do the right thing leading up to these events..not blindly mind you..and the right thing make this a win for the city.
Now enjoy it today.
And get to work to make this what it should be.