Kincade’s Random Thoughts for 05-27-16

A Blank AP Photo:W.A. Harewood
AP Photo/W.A. Harewood

Arthur Blank can’t help himself. Instead of just celebrating getting awarded Super Bowl 53, he had to take it to the absurd level with another crazy message. He texts Dan Quinn and says he wants to play in one of the next two Super Bowls before the party arrives in Atlanta. I can’t follow who is conning who in Flowery Branch.

Dan Quinn needs realistic expectations. Arthur Blank doesn’t seem to understand how far away his team is from winning a title. There is reason for some optimism, but hardly a reason to believe they are close to Super Bowl contenders. Carolina is the defending NFC Champion and 3 time division winners. Tampa Bay is younger and on the rise with a deeper roster and an emerging QB.

Give your Coach a fighting chance Arthur. Please, stop talking.


Photo: The Associated Press

If you are Brian Snitker, you have waited a lifetime to grab your brass ring. The Braves though are in the midst of what is a disaster ours season, winning must no longer be the priority. Yet for Snitker, it may be the only thing that gives him a chance to keep his new dream job.

If Snitker is selfish, he does whatever it takes to win as many games as possible. I want to see an aggressive manager that tries different things. Developing the youngsters is the obvious edict, but winning later this year could be a catapult towards 2017. Do I think he is going to open SunTrust Park? No. Do I think he has a chance to? Absolutely. Be selfish Brian and try to make this under the gun job interview all yours!





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