Carolina-know-enemy-headerAs a Dirty Birds want to grab as much information as you can on YOUR team.

You want to know what other people think of them. What they say and write. The perception of someone outside of the area.

What are the problems…as well as the answers.

Weaknesses and strengths.

Are you “upticking” or “trending downwards”.

And ultimately..are you a playoff team or not.

Well you are joined by 31 other sets of fans across the NFL landscape.

What I’m going to do here is link camp video..that will give you an idea as to what “their guys” think about “the other guys”.

Divisional opponents. 6 games worth of your schedule. And honestly the team that know you best and can expose weaknesses to your other 10.

Physical kick your ass teams in your division also make it harder to play the next week. And that is a HUGE part of how you navigate an NFL season.

So here you go. Over the next 3 days I’ll give you the look at the 3 NFC South Opponents Video Style.

First up..The Defending NFC Champs, THE CAROLINA PANTHERS