Sniff Steph Curry’s mouthpiece for just 5 Grand!

Ever wondered why Steph Curry is always smelling his mouthpiece? Well “wonder” no more, now you can smell it for yourself! According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell:
“Steph Curry has given more life to mouthguards than any player in history,” said Dan Imler, vice president of the auction house. “The way he flips it in and out of his mouth has become part of watching him during a game.”

Steph's Mouth Guard
Steph’s 4%,000 Mouth Guard.

Imler expects the mouthguard to sell for at least $5,000.

The mouthguard is labeled with the Warriors logo and Curry’s name and number. It was consigned to the auction company with a silver case with “CURRY” labeled on it.