ENOUGH with the Matt Ryan Bashing!

Buck Belue – 07/18/2016

I’m sick of it. Sick and tired of the Matt Ryan criticism. So, this week on The Buck & Kincade Show it’ll be a “No Fly Zone,” for the Ryan critics. Save it for when my partner comes back.

Matt Ryan (David Goldman-AP)
Matt Ryan (David Goldman – AP Photo)

Guess you experts failed to realize that without Matt last season, the Falcons could have been 3-13, instead of 8-8. There would not have been 5-game winning streak to start the season. Yep, that’s right. Dude led FOUR, 4th quarter comebacks, in the first 5 games. Talk about clutch…

Do you fans not like a clutch QB? Matt has 24 comeback wins that he’s engineered. That’s among the top in the game.

All this negative talk about Matt on a slide is unfair too. The last 3 seasons he’s been playing without a tight-end (Falcons just now replaced Tony G.), behind a sorry O-Line and with a terrible defense. And now, he’s dealing with an offense that doesn’t fit his skill set. Tough to excel in those conditions.

But it’s easy to kill the quarterback, right?

Now Matt is dealing with things out of his control, as it relates to the coaching staff. Quinn hired Kyle Shanahan, who installed this stretch zone run game, which includes a lot of QB on the move pass calls. It doesn’t fit his skill set. Matt is a pocket passer.

Quinn told us all recently that a quarterback should be able to thrive in ANY system. I find that comment absolutely crazy. Imagine Rivers or Brees trying to operate in this system…

Enough already. Embrace your quarterback. He’s the best we’ve ever had (And I love Bartkowski). Matt is a winner and a pro’s pro. Stop the criticizing. It makes you look ignorant.