Dwight Howard (AP Photo:Jason DeCrow)
Dwight Howard (AP Photo:Jason DeCrow)

John Kincade brought something up to me on Wednesday, he asked me if I believe people when they tell me something… Do you buy in?

The answer is a big, fat YES!

I was just listening to Dwight Howard on with Buck/Kincade .  I am 100% buying what he’s selling.

He’s back home.

He’s comfortable with where he is mentally.

He feels great physically.

Loves Paul Milsap.

Yea!!!!!!!!  I’m telling ya, I’m gonna get the Dwight Howard jersey!

Years ago, Hometeam and I hosted a show for CSS on TV, called HAWK TALK.

I met Dwight Howard , interviewed him, and really liked him.

He’s got a million dollar smile, looks you right in the eye when he’s talking to you.

He was signing autographs for hundreds of people, went out of his way to be nice to kids.

I mean….What’s not to like?

But then I remembered… I do this.

I believe people when they tell me something.

I’ve been fooled before.

Steven Jackson comes to mind.

But again, he was in studio, saying all the right things….

I”M IN! .

Is that a terrible trait? probably…. But it was interesting to hear that John Kincade does it too.  He believes.

Yep, mr cynical, believes it too.

I don’t feel so gullible now.

Gotta go get that jersey… #8, Dwight Howard!

He’s home…..