Chernoff’s Confidential: August 3rd

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Team USA Basketball Our Brazil Hotel Floats…We’re Staying On a Cruise Ship!

Silver CloudScrew hotels, the Team USA basketball squad is staying on a massive cruise ship during their stint in Brazil … complete with round the clock security and a bulletproof security wall!!

Both the men’s and women’s team are staying on a 16,800 ton behemoth called the Silver Cloud — a luxury liner that features a pool, gym, cigar lounge, bar … the works!

So … why?

A rep for Team USA tells TMZ Sports, “Hotel rooms were scarce in Rio, we ended up getting some rooms on the ship for our teams.”

“This is not something new, in 2004 we stayed on a ship for the Athens Olympics. The U.S. men’s and women’s basketball teams are not the only guests on the ship, there are others outside the organization.”

Interesting note — some of the rooms were replaced with 7-foot beds to accommodate the massive stars … so says the Daily Mail.

Michael Jordan I’d Take Blake Over LeBron … For ‘Space Jam 2’

8/2/2016 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF:
space jam 2
Blake Griffin – Jordan’s Pick for “Space Jam 2.” Bugs unavailable for comment.

It’s time to play “Shade or No Shade” … this time featuring Michael Jordan … who says if he had it his way, it’d be Blake Griffin starring in “Space Jam 2” … NOT LEBRON JAMES.

It all went down at Michael’s Jordan’s Flight School … the basketball camp MJ held this weekend … when someone asked him what he thought of “Space Jam” getting a sequel in theaters.

The sequel is of course starring LeBron James … which makes sense to most ’cause the guy happens to be the best player on the planet right now.

Count Michael out of that most … he says if it was up to him it’d be Blake Griffin … a guy we all know is good on-screen and just happens to be one of MJ’s Jordan Brand athletes.

Sources: Cowboys’ Rolando McClain tested positive for ‘purple drank’

Rolondo McClain (Photo: AP / Roger Steinman)

OXNARD, Calif. — Dallas Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain has yet to report to training camp, and there are real questions as to whether he will play in the NFL again.

Sources confirmed that McClain’s recent 10-game suspension is not for a failed marijuana test but for an opiate commonly referred to as “purple drank” — a combination of Sprite, cough syrup and codeine. Other sources said the suspension was not marijuana related.

“Even we don’t know all the details,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said when asked about McClain as he walked off the field after Tuesday’s walkthrough. “We just don’t know.”

When asked whether McClain’s career is over, coach Jason Garrett said, “We’re focused on the guys who are here.”

Report: Jaylon Smith could play final quarter of season

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys may be seeing second round draft pick Jaylon Smith sooner than expected. According to’s Gil Brandt, it would not be surprising to see Smith on the field at the end of the season.

Jaylon Smith
Dallas Cowboys linebackers coach Matt Eberflus, left, walks off the field talking with Jaylon Smith (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Gil wrote – Won’t be shocked if @thejaylonsmith plays in final qtr of season. Looks good moving around. Knee’s fine, all about nerve regeneration now

This is fantastic news for Dallas.

Smith’s talent is unquestioned. Were it not for an injury suffered early in the Fiesta Bowl, the Notre Dame linebacker would have been one of the first players chosen in the 2016 NFL Draft. The injury, of course, dropped the Butkus Award winner into the second round.

The ACL and LCL tears were significant, but it was the nerve damage he suffered that cast a huge doubt over Smith’s football future. A recent report indicated there was no significant improvement to that damage, but Brandt’s news removes a huge cloud of doubt.

If he looks good now and 2016 action is even remotely possible, his chances for 2017 and beyond are very good.

Drafting a player with injury concerns in the second round is a risk. If Smith’s injuries reoccur, then the Cowboys will have effectively wasted a high pick. If however he comes back strong, then Dallas got a steal.

Right now, it seems like the selection of Jaylon Smith falls into the latter category.

If Smith does play in the final quarter of the season, as Brandt suggests, then he could potentially debut on the road against the New York Giants on Dec. 11.

Cristiano Ronaldo Slid Into Model’s DMs … Not In Relationship

cristiano-ronaldo-real-madrid AP Photo
Cristiano Ronaldo (AP Photo)

It goes down in the DM … at least, that’s how it went down with Cristiano Ronaldo, who social media pimped his way into a hangout session with fitness model Casi Davis, TMZ Sports has learned.

Our sources tell us … Ronaldo has known Davis for a while and DMd her — along with a bunch of other attractive ladies — to meet up while he was in Miami.

We’re told Ronaldo spent time with a couple different ladies during his trip to MIA … but clearly, there was something special about Davis … who he was kissing on (and more) poolside on Sunday.

We’re told … there’s nothing serious between the two — they’re just casual friends … and now it’s onto the next one!

Cassandra Davis (Credit- Instagram)
Casi Davis (Credit- Instagram)

If you only search for one thing today online let it be an image search of Casi Davis. Her gallery is stoooopid.

Pro wrestling’s Mount Rushmore

WWE Mt rushmore
Who should be on THIS Mt. Rushmore?

I know, I know. This topic is as subjective as it gets. There really is no right or wrong answer. In fact, feel free to send me what your WWE Mount Rushmore is and why. It’s fun to read what others feel.

Let me first begin saying that this list is from the modern wrestling era, 1970s to 2016. I was born in the ’80s, and there just isn’t a lot of video from before then. Without any of these icons, the wrestling world wouldn’t be what it is today. Let’s kick off this celebration of with No. 4.



There has never been any man in the history of wrestling that ignited faster and soared higher than Stone Cold Steve Austin. If you watched WCW in the early 1990s, you knew who Stunning Steve Austin was. He would be the first to tell you that he was a hell of a hand during his time “down south.”

WOOOOOOOOOOOO! It’s a phrase you can still hear at every venue and after every chop. The “Rolex wearin’, diamond ring wearin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’, limousine ridin’, jet flyin’, son of a gun.” The 16-time world heavyweight champion, who still holds the most title reigns in history, was as illuminating as any human “walkin god’s green earth.”
“The Icon, The Showstopper, The Main Event.” The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels, isn’t the greatest “in-ring performer.” No. Shawn Michaels is the greatest professional wrestler of all time. Don’t misunderstand that. The GREATEST.
“The Immortal” Hulk Hogan is the Babe Ruth of wrestling. There’s no debate. Hulkamania was born in the ’80s and has run wild ever since. The guy could literally blow the roof off the building with just an appearance.

Man arrested after wife makes grilled cheese too cheesy

When cheesy goodness goes BAD!!

ATHENS, Ga. — A man was arrested Wednesday in Athens, Georgia, after police said he became violent when his wife made him a grilled cheese sandwich with three slices of cheese after he had requested only two.

James DePaola, 55, was screaming at his wife in such a fashion that spit was hitting her face, according to Athens-Clarke County police.

Their 12-year-old daughter called 911 from her mother’s cellphone saying her dad had hit her mom and pulled the phone out of the wall.

James DePaola admitted to pulling the phone from the wall because he did not want his wife to call 911 for a “stupid” reason, police said.

Police spoke with Michele DePaola, 51, who said James DePaola has a history of violent and abusive behavior that has involved him being arrested and served with a restraining order in the past.

Michele DePaola told police i hads been a while since her husband had been physically violent with her, but that he often became angry, shouted and cursed and was often excessively critical and controlling of day to day things in life.

Michele DePaola said even though he had been very upset and animated durinig  the grilled cheese incident, she did not believe he was going to hit her because she thought he was too afraid of going back to jail.

James DePaola was charged with obstruction of a 911 call and criminal trespass/damage to property.

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