Ten Things I am Sure About This Week


10) That any restaurant who has a patio and serves a good margarita is going to have an amazing Fall…..Some of my favorite Superica.com the amazing Yebobeachhaus.com and don’t ever go to sleep onBartaco.com.

9) That investing time in the HBO series “The Night Of” has been well worth it, can’t say the same about season two of “Mr. Robot” so far.

8) Mohammed Sanu is going to take a lot of heat on sports talk radio this Fall.

7) That the new revamped bar at The Palm in Buckhead will have a lot of hooting and hollering as folks watch games there throughout football season.

6) That Jacob Eason will be frustrated that he cannot wrestle the reins away from Greyson Lambert and be a starter.

5) Hal’s on Old Ivy will be the toughest reservation in the city when the College Football Playoffs semi-finals roll through town end of the year.

4) A former Brave has a good chance to manage the Braves next year…..see David Ross or Mark DeRosa……

3) The new South City Kitchen on Peachtree will blow you away with their charcuterie and their unreal third floor patio overlooking Buckhead.

2) That the Hulu show “Difficult People” will make you feel bad for literally laughing out loud during numerous episodes.

1) That a corn muffin fresh out of the oven with a pad of fresh butter on it will make you remember why you hate the “no carb” craze…..