NBC….Bless Your Olympic Heart

I’ve tried to watch the Olympics.  I really have.

I got through the opening ceremonies, only changing the channel back to Everybody Loves Raymond twice.  (Yes, it’s on TV Land)

Even that was too long…….

NBC-Fail-2But the coverage of the event that I was interested in, the women’s gymastics is a complete and total fail.

I know, NBC, you paid $1.2 billion dollars for the rights to the broadcast, but 5 commercial breaks in the first five minutes of the opening ceremony.  What a precedent to set!

The opening ceremonies were down by 30% . That’s massive.  And you know who’s not watching…everyone..Not just women, not just men. Everyone.

Found a great article I want you to read… Definitely sums up the problems.

And it’s from the UK: CLICK HERE

Now I just feel , 9 days in, that the Olympics is too long.  I’ve never felt like that before.

What a shame, NBC

And now for a commercial break…