A SANE Conversation On Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick (AP Photo:Ben Margot, File)
Colin Kaepernick (AP Photo:Ben Margot, File)

Guys – here are the issues with all of this Kaepernick talk.

  1. Most of us listen to sports radio to get away from all of the social justice/political talk
  2. I’m black – most black people aren’t regularly oppressed and, in fact, live better lives in the USA than most of the world’s population. Check the stats.
  3. Kap has the right to not stand but his stance is inane. The United States is all of us and all of our accomplishments – the good and bad. The flag does not represent police brutality solely. It also represents the Civil Rights Movement, the ability to make $12M while sitting on your ass, etc. So he’s basically protesting himself and all of us. If he has a problem with police brutality, he needs to picket a police station that houses a bunch of racist cops.

You all aren’t helping things. Get back to sports.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to write and thank for listening.

Social injustice, whether it happens to you (or not) is still relevant. Colin Kaepernick is a political activist who also happens to play quarterback in the NFL. That gives him the ability to use his position to promote social change and awareness. It’s my job to talk about the games and people who play those games. Now that players are being encouraged to take a stand, socially relevant issues and X’s & O’s become more and more intertwined. While I would prefer not to have to talk about domestic violence or the frequent misdeeds of young athletes they are very much a part of the sports landscape.   

Christopher Rude
680 The Fan

Well done, Mr. Rude. My email was admittedly a little biting and you could have easily not responded or told me to $^%@>* off. The substantive response shows you all appreciate your listeners.

I still disagree with a few of your points – I don’t think that any athlete should be automatically taken seriously as an activist simply because they have a platform – the Kardashians have one and I think his stated views are as silly as something one of them would say. Facts versus emotion. But I take your general point about discussing the sports landscape.