The Falcons get dominated in game they had to have

atl-0-1pngLast year the daunting early season schedule made every Falcons fan think that the year could get off to a bumpy start. It never happened. The crash occurred later in the season and it took a Sully-like performance to avoid a losing season. This year the carnage may be unavoidable.

The Falcons warts from 2015 were apparent again. The team showed little improvement after an off-season of promises. The Hageman situation is a disaster. Vic Beasley has played like the punch line to a bad joke. The Falcons create no pass rush and the secondary looked scrambled.

I will remember that this is just one game, but the trip to Oakland looks much more scary now. They are young, talented and aggressive. The Raiders are pretty much the polar opposite of the Week One Falcons. I would suggest a deep breath. If you think you know how this story ends, you very well could be way off base like you were last year.

Bulldawgs get caught looking ahead OR are the problems much deeper?

Kirtby Smart (AP photo John Bazemore

A team with a new coach and a freshman QB with a transitioning offensive line struggled against an opponent they were expected to dominate. You may spin it as a gutsy win, but the danger is real. As my partner tried to convince me often this summer, expect a bumpy ride.

Sometimes a team performs in an uneven fashion. Energy, execution and confidence can change from series to series. I bet Kirby can work on that.

Once again, one game vs. UNC in the win column counts as much as this one does. You are 2-0 in out of conference games. Now the challenge of SEC play begins. If the Dawgs can’t beat this Missouri team on the road, this could be one long season. My guess is that they answer the challenge.

Braves can’t let the wheels fall off the wagon

Braves Logo 150x1502Don’t let the hard work done to avoid a 100 loss season fall short. The Braves must go at least 8-11 the rest of the way to avoid that dubious mark. Lately they seem t’o get good grades in the effort department, but their lack of talent is apparent.

Hopefully Liberty Media can add a little money to the payroll in order to help bolster the 2017 chances. Right now I see little hope of a huge turnaround.

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– John Kincade