Dawgs Blowout @ Ole Miss: That Was a Richt Loss

UGA’s Nick Chubb vs. Ole Miss (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

I know that the response I’m going to get for this will be like blunt force trauma from some. For others this will be a moment where we agree, maybe like never before. Whatever side of the argument you fall on, the ones who side with me are correct. Is that insensitive of me?

The loss at Ole Miss was horrendous. The effort was questionable. If you get dominated like that you either lacked energy or your were outclassed in talent. My guess is that this was a little of both.

The last 3 years were the weakest in the history of the SEC East. Mark Richt could not find a way to get to the Georgia Dome while Missouri did twice. That was atrocious. Get your head out of the recruiting websites and more into watching the games. The Dawgs came up small in big moments so change had to be made. You thought the Ole Miss loss was rough? Think back to the last 2 visits by Alabama to Athens. The Richt Dawgs were dominated and humiliated on their home field in games where they were expected to repeat. That was truly devastating.

The fact is the talent along the lines of scrimmage and wide receiver is sub-par. The Dawgs have to turn to a true freshman QB because the plan under Richt failed constantly to have a true succession plan. Don’t mention Greene, Shockley, Stafford and Murray without remembering JT3, Cox, Mason and Lambert.

This summer I made a wager of Georgia over 8.5 wins in the regular season. I certainly did not expect the Ole Miss game to be that lopsided, but it was one of my projected losses. Breathe, remember that the talent on campus is deficient and that this will take time. What should not be acceptable are blow out defeats like that one. Tennessee and Florida look quite ready to be able to deliver them if given the chance.

I’m 100% on board with Team Kirby.

I also 100% know that was a Mark Richt loss.

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