Jackets Put Away ‘Dogs in 4th Quarter

Kirby Smart and The Dawgs (AP Photo – John Bazemore)

The Bulldogs had the Jackets by the throat, but could not put them away. Give credit to Paul Johnson’s team for continuing the fight and not giving in. They refused to lose this one.

For Georgia, maybe all those young pups learned an important lesson the hard way: When you have a rival down, you’ve got to deliver a knockout blow.

The Bulldogs led 27-14 and got the ball at midfield, with 11:30 left in the 4th quarter. So, time to put the opponent away, right? No. Suddenly, Jim Chaney’s offense could not execute. The ‘Dogs ran four “negative plays” in a row, before punting.

The Jackets stepped up with a 94 yard TD drive, to make it 27-21, with 6:30 to play. Justin Thomas delivered some big throws and good decisions in crunch time. They got 3 big plays on the drive, before cashing in.

Now, it’s about survival. The game is suddenly hanging in the balance. Who wants it more? Who can make a play? Tech needed a stop. The Bulldogs needed a drive to put the game away.

Sony Michel got stuffed three times, before Jacob Eason’s critical interception. So, with the game up for grabs, the UGA offense ran 7 “negative plays” out of nine. That’s unacceptable.

Many fans are busy criticizing Jim Chaney for getting conservative with the lead and then, having Eason throw it on that 2nd down & 8. It must be noted that the Jackets defense was selling out on the run at this point. So, I didn’t have a problem with the pass call. Eason just made a bad throw to Godwin. The ball was thrown high & behind and open receiver. That’s on the QB.

Obviously, the Jackets marched down the field quickly and scored the go-ahead touchdown. Qua Searcy’s touchdown dive was amazing. Tech made the plays in crunch time. Georgia did not.

Eason needs to learn this off-season how to take a little off some of his throws and make it more catchable. He’s throwing too many balls with too much velocity. I’m a little surprised this is something he did not correct during the season.

Also, I’m wondering if the Jackets fan base is busy complimenting Paul Johnson, for his strong coaching job in Athens.

And yes, a lot of Georgia fans are disappointed in Kirby & the ‘Dogs. They just let a two score, 4th quarter lead slip against the Jackets. Ouch. That hurts. I mean, that STINGS!

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