Can’t wait to see the rematch: Alabama-Clemson. This is going to be awesome! I’m excited about being in Tampa, with The Fan’s Buck & Kincade Show crew, to see it go down. If it’s bama-clemsonanything like last season’s showdown, we’ll all be entertained.

Adding to the hype is Nick Saban’s decision to fire Lane Kiffin and run him out of Tuscaloosa, the week of the big game. This is unheard of and it impacts the game big-time. Imagine being Clemson’s DC Brent Venables…he had the Kiffin play-calling tendencies already compiled and now he’s got nothing. The unknown with Sarkisian now calling plays helps Alabama.

Venables Clemson defense was impressive shutting out Ohio State. The Tigers D-Line is capable of winning their match-up (maybe not against Cam Robinson). The focus will be making Jalen Hurts beat them from the pocket, throwing the football. Hurts has been exposed recently, as far as the passing game goes.

The premier match-up is Deshaun Watson taking on this dominating Alabama defense. No one needs to tell the Crimson Tide team that Watson is the best player in college football. That show he put on against Bama last year was spectacular. Expect more of the same this time around. Deshaun has mastered the QB position at this level. He does everything well. His running ability could be the difference. Extending plays, scrambling and converting big 3rd downs with his legs could be the difference. His playmaker list is long. There are a lot of players to get the ball to. This is a huge challenge for Tigers O-Line, obviously. Can’t wait to focus on this LOS match-up, especially early in the game.

Get ready, football fans. This is the primo match-up of the year! 

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