I’m a kinder, gentler King these days…

I’m a kinder, gentler King these days, and the proof is a local announcement that I KNOW I would have felt the complete opposite about five years ago.

The Atlanta Hawks are retiring Pete Maravich’s 44 – good for him and good for the franchise.

Pete Maravich

Reality is many, MANY of the folks who read this won’t have an opinion because Pete Maravich is nothing more than a name they have heard before . . . maybe. The gargantuan numbers he posted, especially in a college basketball era with no 3-pt line and no shot clock, simply can’t be believed.

Then he turned pro and averaged 24 a game over a 10-year career.

. . . and he was an even better passer.

I’m happy that my team is about to be associated just a little more with the legacy of Pistol Pete.