As the party has broken out all over Atlanta celebrating this electrifying NFC Championship Club, at least we don’t have to listen to this…”I told you so”

Nope, nobody gets to pull this card and slap it on the table. Mel predicts the Falcons are going to the Super Bowl every year, so hold the praise. There is nobody in their right mind that called the Falcons as an NFC Champion with actual reasons this past summer. I see a few reasons NOW of why it did happen.

Before reading these comments remember that the author called for a 7-9 season.

Dan Quinn did more than TALK aggressiveness like he did in 2015, he coached it.

Kyle Shanahan goes from goat to hero by working with his star QB and creating a winning approach.

Matt Ryan, who threw 47 INT’s in his past 48 games, throws just 7 in this years 18 games. That is a ridiculous change and one that has never been seen before in NFL history. His 18 point raise in Passer Rating was also the largest single season jump for any QB who had been a starter for 5+ seasons. It was also his first season ever with a rating over 100.

Julio Jones…I’ll just leave it at that.

The Falcons defense was opportunistic and has gotten better as the season progressed. Nothing great, but enough to get the momentum shifted so that their offense could take over.

So now we begin the countdown to the Super Bowl. Enjoy it.

After 3,875 editions of “Buck and Kincade” we get to talk with you about your team and a chance to win a championship. Crazy. Worth the almost 17 year wait of shows!

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