SunTrust Park – I LOVED IT!

I actually got chill bumps last Wednesday when I pulled up to SunTrust Park for the first time. I heard all the details about the battery and all its glory, but there’s nothing like actually seeing it in person. Wow

The Atlanta Braves stand for the National Anthem as they open SunTrust Park, for an exhibition spring training baseball game against the New York Yankees, Friday, March 31, 2017. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Friday night’s exhibition game with the Yankees was nothing short of fantastic! There was no traffic, in fact, during the morning it was tougher to get in and out because of the construction trucks, but Friday night the BRAVES were ready, Well done!

The security lines were long when we first arrived, around 6:45, but they quickly moved. The ride up the escalator to the third floor gave me time to gaze down on the field and give it a better, larger view. Again, Wow.

The food and drink stands/kiosks are everywhere. I challenge you to crave a food that you can’t find inside the park. Lines were long, but that’s understandable

We left in the 6th, because well, you know I don’t stay till the end. Our UBER got us , no problem at all!   From start to finish it was so exciting.

I’m thrilled because we’re moving our offices there. If you see the Roxy theatre, it’s the building directly to the left. We’re going to have 8 or 9 state of the art studios up there. I’m so psyched.

This entire Braves game becomes an event, not just first pitch. It’s the best thing that could have happened to our city. It’s a unique , bucket list , must see! And that’s for every baseball fan, not just the Braves country.

See ya at the Battery!

– Sandra Golden
Co-Host “The Front Row”