Rude Sports Weekly Reader 04/21/17

Rick Ankiel will be joining us on The Rude Awakening, Falcons declare their position on players with character issues, Eli Manning is mad about memorabilia fraud accusations, Hang on to that Aaron Hernandez memorabilia OR sell, What’s wrong with kids today, Aaron Rodgers my QB Pick for the upcoming year, Mike Smith on “Hard Knocks”, you could get bumped from a flight by the NFL, and changing the NBA logo.

Rick Ankiel Beat Randy Johnson...HOW?

New York Mets center fielder Rick Ankiel (16). (AP Photo/Paul J. Bereswill)

How Rick Ankiel beat Randy Johnson with fastballs, curveballs and vodka. Rick will be joining us on The Rude Awakening to talk about his new book. In the meantime, HERE’S A TASTE.

Falcons Position On Players With Character Issues

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn. Still keeping “quality guys” on the roster. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

Once again, the Falcons declare their position on players with character issues. “We’re not looking for angels.” Have the Falcons ever taken a player that you considered a bad guy? I’m drawing a blank here, no pun intended. Oops, almost forgot, 5/29/15 Prince Shembo was accused of killing his ex-girlfriends Yorkie dog. 2/18/2014 Roddy White was pulled over for speeding and was accused of failing to appear on an illegal window tint charge. By and large, THIS Falcons team has been pretty well behaved under Coach Quinn. The rest of the NFL hasn’t been so lucky…   


Eli is MAD!

Eli Manning. (AP Foto/Julio Cortez)

Eli Manning is mad about the accusations of memorabilia fraud. Is he using his anger to cover his guilt? He certainly doesn’t need the money to supplement his income. Hard to imagine a Manning getting caught up in something so petty? I wish I had a dollar for every time an athlete has uttered the words, “I’ve done nothing wrong!”


What would YOU Do?

Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. (Nancy Lane/The Boston Herald via AP, Pool)

Hang on to that Aaron Hernandez memorabilia OR sell it NOW while the value is high?
I know it’s a business, but there’s something smarmy about some collectors. I find it troubling that a collector would be interested in trying to procure the turkey baster used to impregnate musician Melissa Etheridge with fellow musician David Crosby’s baby. Why? Who’s going to be impressed by that kind of acquisition? 

Ugh...KIDS! Need I say More?

   If you’ve ever found yourself uttering these words “What’s wrong with these kids today?” We may have the answer for you…

Scary huh?

Aaron Rodgers is MY QB for 2017!

San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain, left, and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers at Pebble Beach Golf Links. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

I’m going after Aaron Rodgers this year as my fantasy football QB. Why? He’s giving up cheese, golf and Olivia Munn and rededicating himself completely to football.

Although, my gut tells me you won’t be able to keep Aaron Rodgers off the golf course for long. You can’t keep a good man down

Smitty and "Hard Knocks"

Coach Mike Smith. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

I wonder if Coach Mike Smith will break out the Bermuda shorts and the open toed sandals again this season for HBO’s Hard Knocks. You know when you walk into his office and he’s dressed like that…somebody’s gonna get fired.

Getting Bumped By An NFL Player

Is it possible the next time you fly, YOU could get bumped off the flight for an NFL player? How would you handle it? Would you force security to drag you off the plane kicking and screaming if Matt Ryan took your seat? You know you would!  #$$$

Logo Change Time For the NBA?

Jerry West thinks the NBA should change the logo? To what OR whom? I vote for Steph Curry, because everybody hates him. What or Whom do you think should represent the NBA?