What a different feel NFL Draft Week 2017 has from the previous two seasons. That it is far more promising and exciting is an understatement. Finally, the Falcons front office has earned my trust. The impressive way in which they have changed the narrative is promising for their future.

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn, right, walks with general manager Thomas Dimitroff, left. (AP Photo/Mike McCarn)

First, a few admissions. I was one of the most vocal critics of Thomas Dimitroff and his ability to effectively run a draft. I always pointed out how I admired the job he did upon his arrival in Atlanta, but grew weary of low production drafts. I believed his time had run out. I concluded that Dimitroff was being kept around by Dan Quinn because he would serve as a puppet. I was wrong.

Make no mistake, Dan Quinn is in charge. He is the one setting the tone and calling the shots. The difference is Thomas Dimitroff has been able to serve as part of a team of individuals building the organization in the DQ image. His ego set aside, Dimitroff has been helping the Falcons kill it on draft night. After two great drafts, I’m clearly understanding the error of my assertions.

I didn’t want Vic Beasley over Todd Gurley. That decision by the Falcons has proven to be a successful one as Freeman and Coleman are killing it and Vic led the NFL in sacks on 2016. The Falcons then drafted Keanu Neal and though I was not critical of his talents, I was critical of the pick as a reach. Again, I was wrong. They just knew more than I did. 

Fact is that I’ve been wrong a lot on evaluating the recent decision making at the time the picks were made. This organization now has earned the benefit of the doubt. 

I’m anxious to see if the Falcons make a bold move up the board. I want to see how much of the edge rusher talk has either been a well orchestrated smoke screen or the plan of action. After years of being critical (and right) about the Falcons draft picks, I’m going to be an observer and believer. They have earned that trust.

What about you?

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