It’s May. And nothing…NOTHING..that is said or even done in May should have you start drawing conclusions about the NFL season to come! It’s hard to lose May unless your Franchise QB or Pro Bowl somebody gets hurt or arrested.  For the most part, hardly anyone loses in May.

But you CAN have little wins this month!  For example:

Your team drafted to need.

The Team kept a free agent or three from leaving.

They signed a free agent or three that made sense.

Your GM found a “bargain” or two (Says not him or your barber…but someone you trust who really knows these things…it’s not a long list btw).

None of your vets intimate a hold out is coming…and your newly drafted rookies all sign their contracts.

Those are ALL good things!

If you were a good team last year..all of these things lead you to believe that you’ll be a good team again. You may be right, but you could be wrong, and here are 2 reasons why:

  1. Take away the “Holy Sh*t” injury thing. No one expects or prepares for that. That’s one neither you nor the team can control!
  2. EVERYONE ELSE is trying to get better. Same as you. Might even do it better. The guys that THEY are paying big brain money to are working to win more games. Their front office’s and coaching staffs have to find 2 or 3 more wins sames as you. Your team doesn’t live in a bubble. They don’t work in a bubble.

Sure..your guys will all tell you, “We worry about what we do more than what everyone else is doing”, and they are not lying. But they also care about what the guys down the block and around the corner are doing as well. It’s why you build to win your division…and why you advance scout opponents. You matter most…but the other guy is who you have to fight. And going into a fight just worrying about you is dumb.

The other reason you have no idea how your season is going to go (except for the Patriots. They KNOW) is because if 5 or 6 teams from last years postseason will not be in this years postseason (not you New England)..and that happens EVERY can’t tell me that May is the month when you know it won’t be you who is watching or fishing or beaching in January..or that your not so good season last year as a fan will be rewarded with a ticket to the NFL sweepstakes known as The Playoffs because you will be one of those 5 or 6.

So…here’s the takeaway: You can’t win a game in May, BUT you CAN’T lose one either!
But in the world of 24/7/365 NFL..we do keep an eye on it all!

Chris DiMino
Co-Host “The Rude Awakening”
Twitter: @chrisdimino