Georgia’s New “Campus Carry” Law Goes Into Effect

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Campus Carry…A Cause For Concern?

Beginning July 1st, Georgia’s new “Campus Carry” law goes into effect. The controversial bill will allow people to carry concealed handguns on state campuses with several exceptions. You can familiarize yourself with the bill HERE.

If I’m reading this correctly, concealed handguns WILL be allowed at Georgia and Georgia Tech Tailgates. My first response is “what could possibly go wrong?” Call me naïve, call me a libtard, just call me. I long for that simpler time when alcohol and weed were the two biggest on-campus concerns. Where to get it and how not to get caught with it? But, the world is changing. This isn’t “National Lampoon’s Animal House” anymore. Folks are living in fear. The idea of some idiot tailgater consuming vast quantities of alcohol and packing heat scares the crap out of me. But, so does the idea of an active shooter on campus.

Gun advocates argue the Second Amendment right to protect oneself. The same thing is happening in states all over the country. The NRA released this statement to CBS Sports in Kansas: “Law-abiding citizens have the right to defend themselves. If a college campus doesn’t provide adequate protection for students, Kansas law now ensures they can defend themselves…” It’s a shame we’re forced to “gun-up” to feel safe in our own country.

Dr. Steve Wrigley, Chancellor of the University System of Georgia wrote “Whether you opposed or supported the legislation, it will soon be state law, and I respectfully ask everyone to exercise patience, understanding and respect as we implement it. We all share the same goal of ensuring a safe campus environment. We should work together to implement the law as written and thoughtfully address any complications that may arise.”

The intent of the bill is to protect students. In a press release from the Office of the Governor, Nathan Deal: “While HB 280 addresses the rights and restrictions relating to weapons carry license holders on a college campus, it in effect may have greater significance for students who are going to or coming from a campus. Unfortunately, in parts of the state, the path to higher education travels through dangerous territory.

Schools that enjoy the most tailgating- Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia State and Georgia Southern- cannot override the measure.

Experts say the liberalization of gun laws came about because of reactions to mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Virginia Tech, etc. Kansas basketball coach Bill Self called the law in his state “unbelievable.” He did not elaborate. Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy offers another perspective “I was in college, been to a bunch of parties, been around a lot of football players. Moderation that should have been part of what we did wasn’t. It was college, we were dumb. If you throw a gun in the mix, it’s not good. You make poor decisions. When you have a gun there, you have a chance to make a decision you can never make up for.”

Do I own guns? Yes. Am I a big fan of guns? No. Let us pray.