This Year I’m Not Buying “Hope”…Here’s What I BELIEVE!

Admittedly, I’m a glass half-full guy. Skeptical, not easily fooled, but, generally optimistic. Can you be all those things? It sounds like a study in contrast? Anywho, this year I’m buying in! This year, I’m not buying “hope,” I’m selling it. Every year, whether THEY believe it or not, sports franchises are forced to sell hope. They’ve got tickets to sell and we as fans want to believe that THIS is the team that will hoist the trophy. Here’s what I believe

UCLA’s Takkarist McKinley poses after being selected by the Atlanta Falcons during the first round of the 2017 NFL football draft. (Jeff Haynes/AP Images for Panini)

I believe Takkarist McKinley, the UCLA pass rusher drafted by the Atlanta Falcons will be as good on the field as he is on Twitter. A lot of folks want the Falcons to shut this kid up. You don’t want to kill a young man’s spirit before he’s had a chance to prove what he can do on the field. A free spirit that eats quarterbacks? I’ll take it! BTW, if you want to follow Takkarist McKinley on Twitter @Takk

I believe Dontari Poe will make all the weight requirements and go from clogging arteries to clogging up the middle! He will be our “Beast a la Mode” on defense. Look for “Beast a la Mode” t-shirts by midseason.

I believe Jacob Eason will put down the sun glasses, stop worrying about his hair and become the QB everybody expected last year.

I believe OJ Simpson will be paroled from prison, join “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” (reality TV show) and become the father figure they no longer have.

I believe Sports-Talk Radio Hosts will be heard saying “I’ve been a soccer fan my whole life, grew up playing it as a kid. I knew Atlanta United would be a huge success.”

I believe laughter will overtake political correctness

I believe I will have to issue an apology for the OJ Simpson joke.