A Braves Fantasy Come True!!

Braves Fantasy Camp was really fun, special deal for guys that get a chance, have the time and $$$$ to experience something like this!

OK, Grissom, P. Smith, D. Smith, Jay Howell is a beauty, Rocker is a beast and was pretty cool to warm up before our game with him, Javy Lopez is a sweetheart, Klesko was fun and gave us batting lessons, Leo in the bullpen talking shop and teaching us how to pitch was fricking amazing, the staff for the Braves were fantastic. We played 4 games on the field, used visiting team club house, got 2 full uniforms and a bat to take home, met some great campers and had a blast, special deal!

Ok now, performance, started rough, and ended strong. Went 4 for 7 yesterday and with 2Ks in my first 2 ABs…………against the pitching machine!! B R U T A L!!! Made some very nice plays in center field! My injuries, sore right groin, sore right hammy, I think I broke a thumb, or I have a wrist issue? shit hurt so bad!! throwing arm is sore, pulled an oblique or something in the rib cage area! New found respect for these guys, really appreciate how good they are!! Thanks to Greg McMichael and the Braves organization for a memory that will last a life time!!

Brian Finneran
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