Georgia offensive coordinator Jim Chaney before an NCAA college football game in Athens, Ga. (AP Photo/Brett Davis)

The first year on the job presented a lot of challenges to Jim Chaney, the Bulldogs Offensive Coordinator. It obviously did not go well. In fact, that 24.5 points per game the offense averaged was the worst output in years.

What were the main issues? You know the deal by now. The O-Line struggled. The QB was a freshman. No X-WR to threaten defenses down the field. Those issues were too difficult to overcome. Defenses slammed 8 in the box and the ‘Dogs struggled on offense most of the season.

Coach Chaney was playing the game with both hands tied behind his back. He was seriously limited in what he could do.  

That’s got to change in Year-2. The transition should be over, at this point.

The O-Line can’t be worse, right? There is a chance Chaney, Eason, Chubb & Michel will be operating with a more physical O-Line this season. Good chance Jacob elevates his performance level, in his second year. Out wide, Riley Ridley, Javon Wims and Jeremiah Holloman look capable of making some plays down the field.

This offense could be dangerous this time around, if they can run the ball! That sets up the big-play off the play-action pass, which Eason should be able to execute. Pound Chubb and take shots…that would be a good formula this season.

Chaney has plenty of weapons to get the ball too. Terry Godwin, Sony Michel & Mecole Hardman can be effective versus underneath coverage. Issac Nauta has the confidence of Eason. Charlie Woerner is another big target to utilize. It sounds like Chaney’s off-season soul-searching might involve getting all these guys the ball.

That is, IF the O-Line can improve. Bulldog fans need to be hoping that the big, young guys like Solomon Kindley, Ben Cleveland, Isaiah Wilson or Andrew Thomas can step in and knock some DT’s off the ball. This looks like the key to the season.