Belue – The Bulldogs Are Hunkering Down!

The Georgia Bulldogs are back! Back in the Top 10 and have the look of a contender. Coach Smart has a defense that Erk Russell would be proud of! And that freshman quarterback Jake Fromm is playing solid football. Yes, this might be a year to remember!

Now some might say the ‘Dogs “haven’t done anything yet.” Beat-downs of both Mississippi State and Tennessee to the tune of 72-3 hasn’t proved anything, one man announced down at the coffee shop. And that road win over Notre Dame “wasn’t anything to be proud of.”

Then that man left, I saw him pull out the parking lot. On his back bumper was a Florida State Seminole sticker. Enough said.

I can’t imagine Kirby Smart handling this QB situation with kid gloves. Best I can tell, Jake Fromm has played well enough to remain the starter. The best thing for Jacob Eason to do is to get ready to play, so he’s ready when and if the opportunity comes. If Fromm struggles and/or the team loses, Eason gets another shot. It’s that simple, right?

Right now, Fromm should be getting most of the 1st team offense reps at practice. Eason takes the #2 reps and waits for his chance.

Does Kirby Smart and Jim Chaney plan to play Eason early against Vanderbilt and Missouri? I’d be surprised to see that happen. The team would probably do a double-take and question that decision.

Jake Fromm has a pocket presence that rates out high. Against Tennessee his mobility in the pocket paid off, as he was able to make a few plays with his legs. I wish he would get what he can get and get down, but hopefully he’ll learn that technique quickly. The touchdown pass to Javon Wims was a laser. He has a look of confidence that I’m sure his team appreciates and draws confidence from.

By the way, I got to see Justin Fields at the Touchdown Club of Atlanta today. He sure looks athletic in a suit.