Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm (11). (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Jake Fromm has taken over at Georgia. His performance level has been nothing short of impressive for a freshman. The team is winning big and Fromm has had a huge impact in helping lead this team into the Top 5 nationally.

Jim Chaney was smart turning Jake Fromm loose against Missouri last week. He turned in his first 300-yard passing performance and accounted for 3 touchdowns. Chaney called at least 10 more pass plays than normal, which allowed Fromm to get more guys involved. This should pay off the rest of the season, as the competition level increases.

Fromm got Riley Ridley the ball coming his way on a beautiful back-shoulder-fade for a touchdown. Ridley had gone missing in the pass game for several weeks. It was good to see him make a big play. The ‘Dogs will need him in the coming weeks.

Mecole Hardman got a few touches and disappeared a couple times! Mecole is slowly getting comfortable at the WR position and is starting to become a big-play man in this offense. That’s great news for Jake Fromm. Both Ridley and Hardman need to play ball down the home stretch, if the ‘Dogs are going to have a season to remember.

Right now, Jim Chaney’s offense is around 70/30 in run/pass ratio. So, roughly 7 out of 10 plays are runs. And that’s the way it should be, with Chubb & Michel leading the way (Swift is making an impact too) and a freshman at quarterback. The defense is strong and the kicking game is solid. The “Smart Plan” is to play to those strengths.

There has been no reason to take a lot of chances in the passing game, early in the season. It would have been foolish to throw it around 40 times and risk turning the ball over a bunch. But now as the season heads down the home stretch, the passing game should be in a better place. Facing better defenses, a more balanced approach will be necessary.

By the way, Georgia’s freshman QB is thriving. He’s been smart & focused with the football. His balls are out on time and thrown with touch & accuracy (catchable balls). His pocket presence has been outstanding…he moves around in the pocket & resets comfortably. Jake’s running around effectively too, which gives the opposing defense something else to worry about. One piece of advice though: Get what you can get…and get down (to avoid the big contact). This team needs him to play 4 quarters.

– Buck Belue
Co-Host “Buck and Kincade”
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