Kincade’s Random Thoughts – Halloween Edition!

Kirby Smart is going to try and convince you that the CFP Rankings that will be released tonight don’t matter. He is wrong. He doesn’t want his players to put much stick in them and that is understandable. The rankings do mean a lot to the Georgia program and the fan base.
Example, do you not think that high school athletes are paying attention to these rankings? It drives the CF news cycle and the positive press is an outstanding recruiting tool. Example, do you not think big money donors are more fired up with all the hoopla surrounding the playoff chatter? Of course they are and the wallets are easier to open when you are one of the nations best teams. Example, do you think it is easier to get into the 4 team playoff when you start as one of the 4 ranked teams? The answer is YES. If you start in the first 4 you have a far better chance than those that don’t to remain there.
Coach Smart wants to control the message. I get it. He is also trying to tell you something that is easily proven false. He wants his team to avoid distractions. That is a smart strategy. That does not apply to anyone not in the building.

The Falcons 3-0 start was an apparent continuation of the dominance of the Falcons 6-1 finish in 2016. Life was good. The Falcons 3 game losing streak created all new doubts about what this years team truly is. At 3-3, squeaking by the Jets to go above mediocre is hardly exciting. Now the real work begins.
My crew at Buck and Kincade already waved the white flag. At 3-3 both Buck and JChad declared the Falcons DOA for a playoff berth. I scoffed and immediately guaranteed that this team will play January football. I’m still confident of that fact. How long will they play? Who knows?
Atlanta has the best roster in the NFC South. They have the pedigree of being the defending NFC Champs. They have a returning MVP at QB. This was not supposed to be a horrible struggle. I think you should prepare for one. This division is a race to ten wins. At 4-3 if you can find a way to 4-2 in divisional play it is doable. Atlanta dug themselves a hole and it doesn’t have to be their playoff grave.

Atlanta Braves President of Baseball Operations John Hart. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

If Jerry Crasnick has his reporting right, John Hart is going to come away from the investigation into John Coppolella’s dirty dealing free and clear. They will reportedly claim he knew nothing about any of his alleged crooked short cuts. Excuse me if I’m not going to believe that reporting.

The results would be problematic in many ways. First, if he was not involved it is the best case of corporate subterfuge ever by Coppy. If he was not involved then he also was the worst example of corporate leadership ever. That alone should preclude him from having the control of this organization. If you have corruption in a business and the highest ranking official misses it, they don’t usually survive. This should be no different. The Braves can’t trust that John Hart is involved or aware enough to oversee the future. I can’t wait to hear him speak on how this possibly happened.


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