New Atlanta Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos talks with members of the media at the annual MLB baseball general managers’ meetings, Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

The Braves new Executive VP and General Manger Alex Anthopoulos made a positive first impression this week, when introduced as the new man in charge. I was in the “Go Get Dayton Moore” camp, but this certainly looks like the next best thing. I’m encouraged and hopeful.

He sounded excited to be here and humbled by the opportunity. Braves Country must have been impressed! I know I was. After the press conference at SunTrust Park, Alex walked over to 680 The Fan studios and worked the room beautifully. He handled the interview on “Chuck & Chernoff” easily too. Looks like we’ve got a people person in charge now!

As he takes over, the organization is loaded with young prospects and it’s also positioned nicely with the increased operating revenue stream coming out of SunTrust Park and The Battery Atlanta. These two things got his attention quickly, during the interview process. Plus, it seems Stan Kasten spoke glowingly about the Braves organization, which had to assist Anthopoulos in going all in with the job chase.

Anthopoulos was beaming when he spoke of the minor league system. It’s loaded with good young talent and many of them are knocking at the door. This is a GM’s dream scenario. It gives them the ability to make some moves.

The Braves payroll level will also allow Alex Anthopoulus to shop some too! Reportedly there is some $30-40M to spend. Shopping big with someone else’s money has always been fun for MLB GM’s. Hopefully, he can lure in some help.

As I mentioned up top, I’m encouraged and hopeful that Alex Anthopoulus can help lift us out of mediocrity. Hart has been pushed into the Senior Advisor category. Coppy is gone. Terry McGuirk has apologized to the fan base. MLB will hand down penalties soon. Can brighter days be ahead? Let’s hope so. I’m tired of losing, like the old Braves.