Donny O'Malley - U.S. Marine veteran & the Creator/Founder of VET TV

The first Kill The Quit episode of 2019 features one of our most creative guests yet. On this episode, we are joined by Donny O’Malley. Donny is not only a U.S. Marine veteran, but he is the creator/founder of VET TV. VET Tv is the first veteran television network full of dark, perverted, inappropriate, controversial, and irreverent military humor- created by and for veterans, without civilian influence. Host Mark Zinno and Donny talk about what led Donny to join the Marines, his father’s plea to graduate college, what Donny wanted to change about the Marines, the dark comedy and creativity that fueled his book “Embarrassing Confessions of Marine Lieutenant: Operation Branding Iron 2.1A”, the creation of VET TV, and more.